Places like Khao Lak

Places like Khao Lak by Punki.


Khao Lak is easy to get to, and the resorts offer amazing value for money, specially in the low season. So why not give Fiji a rest this year and head a little further north? Khao Lak is not an island, and we say this because many people get confused by the terms Khao and the Koh. For your reference, Khao means hill and Koh means island. Khao Lak was badly damaged in the 2004 Asian Tsunami, but now the rebuilding and repairs are almost complete, and some say it is cleaner and better organised than before. Khao Lak Beach is the new alternative destination for visitors because the beach is very nice and clean. There are bungalows, hotel and resorts for every pocket, dive shops offering trips to the nearby Similan Island and Surin Island. Khao Lak effectively missed the entire 2005 season, its businesses simply couldn´t raise the capital or will to rebuild. We can report that about 80 per cent of them have rebuilt lovely new resorts in better planned circumstances, the transplanted coconut palms might still be filling out and there will no doubt still be some construction, otherwise itís finally business as usual. Khao Lak maps offers you the opportunity to discover a beautiful province of southern Thailand located a hundred kilometers north of the well known Phuket Island. Our pages contain all what you need to help you to organise your holiday: where to stay (hotels and resorts for any budget) and what to see (cultural and historical attractions, entertainement spots). Khao Lak is the ideal place to go scuba diving at the Similan Islands, a group of islands off the coast of Thailand that’s renown as one of the world’s best dive destinations. I just got back from a four day liveaboard to the Similans with Similan Diving Safaris, who are based in Khao Lak and run by my friend Joe Hue. Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort is located on an area of 20,800 sq.m. The villas are scattered around a colorful park and lagoon that overflow to the beachfront of the Andaman Sea. Khao Lak was once considered a remote getaway, an alternative to the bustle of neighbouring Phuket, and the population would like it to remain that way. Natural beauty was always the area´s great attraction and even with the new luxury resorts springing up, the tranquillity of the area remains. Khao Lak and Ban Nam Khem (and all in between) never got that kind of recognition. As Phuket was grooming their new lawns at the 5-star resorts, Khao Lak and Ban Nam Khem were still pulling bodies from the debris. Khao Lak beach is the most popular beach for many tourists because the beach is so clean and long with golden sand where most of the resorts are located. It is not over developed.


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