Things like Thai boxing

November 5, 2008

Things like Thai boxing by Arowa.


Thai boxing is a combination of fitness training and self-defense, and is a competitive sport to boot. If you are planning to take up Thai boxing, you obviously need good quality Thai boxing gloves. Thai boxing, or Muay Thai as the Thai people call it, is a traditional art of self defense of the Thais. It is different from international boxing in that in the Thai style of unarmed fighting, feet, elbows and knees are used as well as fists. Training intensity will vary, under the guidance of qualified instruction, according to your fitness level and requirements. Contact is optional and there is no pressure to push your self really hard. Training regimens include many staples of combat sport conditioning such as running, shadowboxing, rope jumping, body weight resistance exercises, medicine ball exercises, abdominal exercises, and in some cases weight training. Training in this way also helps to condition your mind to push limits and cross through barriers, not only in the gym but in everyday life. It helps increase mental focus, concentration and in turn helps keep you calm and collected. Training that is specific to a Muay Thai fighter includes training with coaches on Thai pads, focus mitts, heavy bag, and sparring. The daily training includes many rounds (3-5 minute periods broken up by a short rest, often 1-2 minutes) of these various methods of practice. Rules were set, and later on regular bouts were set at 5 rounds of 3 minutes each, with a two-minute interval between rounds. The weight was taken down in stones like race-horses, and later converted into kilograms. Rules have only existed for hundreds. It grows as we need it. Boxers have a whole repertoire of forward elbows, back elbows and guards. The fearsome Muay Thai fighters of old were said to be able to use their elbows as clubs, swords and axe – resulting from the hard bone at the tip of the elbow and the size of the appendage make it a fearsome weapon. Boxers who danced the same style wouldn’t box each other since they realize that they have the same master. Furthermore, to dance is one way to warm up before starting the fight. Boxers are able to use their elbows, knees, feet and fists more effectively than in other kinds of martial arts. Fighters use all parts of their body to hit the opponent and the punches are said to be the weakest blows. Fighters in these events will enjoy rapid exposure of their skills, since all events will have Pay-per-View coverage, and as such, will provide the fighters with wide open windows of opportunity to move up the ladder rapidly. These opportunities are especially lucrative for good stand-up fighters that perhaps have not adapted well to groundfighting on the current MMA scene. Fights usually begins around 6:30 p.m., with preliminary bouts featuring younger, less experienced boxers, and build up towards the main event, usually around nine o´clock. Fighting Spirit Magazine says these tapes will be classics for all who want to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of Thailand’s native fighting system. Fighting is so completely different to training. You cannot fight without training and sparring in particular, but nothing can replicate a fight. Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai is the first book to reveal actual fighting strategies and tactics as taught in the boxing camps in Thailand. As you may expect, the conditioning regimen in Muay Thai is legendary for its intensity and rigorous demands. Fighters that plan to compete in Thai fights will need to practice a lot, as the fights can be very demanding. Thai training can be very brutal, all depending on where you study. Fights are broadcast on TV almost nightly, every sizable city has a boxing ring, and the top fighters are all household names. Boys start training as young as 7 to become professional boxers. Fighting, boxing, kickboxing, thai boxing, wrestling, weight training, etc what is the best workout? Fight against enemies in muay thai boxing punch, kick total games: played today: overall played watch over, music videos for free! Site description: muay thai boxing indonesia tr ng camp is the martial art mixing favorite recipes with music! Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai is the first book to reveal actual fighting strategies and tactics as taught in the boxing camps in Thailand. As you may expect, the conditioning regimen in Muay Thai is legendary for its intensity and rigorous demands.


Places like Sukhothai

November 5, 2008

Places like Sukhothai by Asia.


Sukhothai style Buddha images are distinctive for their elegance and stylized beauty, and Sukhothai’s artists introduced the graceful form of the “walking Buddha” into Buddhist sculpture. Sukhothai’s airport is owned and operated by upstart regional carrier Bangkok Airways which replicates in the air its classy style on the ground. Unlike no-frills European airlines Ryanair and easyJet, or the U.S.’s Southwest, Bangkok Airways offers perks such as hot meals and wine, even on hour-long puddle jumps not to mention elaborate landing rites like those at Sukhothai. Sukhothai is located 427 kilometres north of Bangkok and 298 kilometres south of Chiang Mai and covers approximately 6596 square metres. Sukhothai literally translates as the “Dawn of Happiness” and was founded in the 13 th century as the first truly independent Thai kingdom. Sukhothai groundwater project is the first and only large scale groundwater irrigation project in Thailand. The operation and management have faced many difficulties because the project has some specific characteristics which are different from other irrigation projects. Sukhothai´s Loi Krathong is held annually on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month at the Sukhothai Historical Park. The Krathongs or floats have been made in the form of lotus. Sukhothai also plans to build a power plant to come onstream in 2000. The initial 90-MW output will support the refinery’s operation. Sukhothai offers a look back at the past and features a host of ruins and temples. Be sure to go to Old Sukhothai not New Sukhothai which has few, if any, authentic features. Sukhothai is open for dinner until 11pm every day. Sukhothai province was selected for the case study as it had high number of dengue cases in 1998 and also due to its diverse physical setting with variety of land use/land cover types. Sukhothai is a great place to tuck into traditional Thai food in all its myriad forms. Thanks to a busy tourism scene, most restaurants in Sukhothai have English menus and know a little bit about Western service concepts. Sukhothai was the center of culture and fine cuisine, and its period of glory is preserved in its spectacular ruins. Most sophisticated and cultured world travellers go to Sukhothai to better appreciate the Kingdom of Thailand. Sukhothai was founded in 1257 after the Siamese had driven the ruling Cambodians out of this western outpost of their great empire, and the prince who led the campaign became Siams first king, under the name of Sri Indraditya. One of his sons, Ramkhaeng, ascended the throne in 1278 and ruled for 40 years. Sukhothai is one of Thailand´s most underrated destinations and is often missed by travelers that fly directly to Chiang Mai. As the cradle of Thailand´s civilization and boasting a UNESCO World Heritage ranked historical park, Sukhothai should be on every visitor´s tour itinerary. Sukhothai however was not a state in the present day meaning of the word. Many parts of the kingdom retained important local power, while submitting themselves to Sukhothai.

Places like Pattaya

November 5, 2008

Places like Pattaya by Goldi.


Pattaya occupies an area of 208.1 sq. Its coastline is 15 kilometers long. Pattaya continued to grow in popularity at such a rate with both Thai and foreign tourists, that the local government could not cope with the administration. Administrative and infrastructure combination with Na Klua, took place in 1976 and the government promulgated the Pattaya City Act in 1978, there by joining Na Klua and Pattaya to form the fifth local government municipality. Pattaya takes its name from the Thai for southwest monsoon wind and emerged as a resort town for Bangkok residents in the 1960s. Shortly after, it gained fame and notoriety as one of the key  destinations for American GIs fighting in the Vietnam War. Pattaya is ideal for people who value peace and nature or vibrant nightlife, it is really one of the most beautiful unspoiled places in the Gulf of Thailand. Quiet, close to Rayong and Bangkok, it offers tranquility in tropical surrounding and nice sandy beaches. Pattaya is a beautiful sea-side resort destination, situated along a breathtaking bay on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand, in eastern Thailand. Located about 140 km east of Bangkok, Pattaya was once a fishing village, which has been now transformed into one of the most sought after vacation spots in Southeast Asia, providing an incomparable variety of attractions and activities, ranging from sightseeing to recreational and fun. Pattaya is the small lovely city on eastern region of Thailand. It is the small city that well known for tourists of its beautiful beaches and nightlife. Pattaya has an irresistible allure; a renowned golfing destination for golfers with a myriad of other recreational pursuits including flying, diving, go-karting and horse riding. Pattaya Marriott Resort Spa is the perfect base from which to explore all this and experience real Thai hospitality. Pattaya Photo Guide has changed this and I can only hope that other equally talented people living in tourist destinations in Thailand figure out the technology behind this and create similar projects. This screen shot of the web site doesn´t show you half of what this site can do or what the potential is for other locations. Pattaya also has a large international expatriate population, especially British and Russian residents. Pattaya is famous for its incredible nightlife activities, and South Pattaya is the jewel in its crown outshining the rest with an incredible array of things to see and do. One can enjoy Thai-boxing or some glaring erotic shows, a wide variety of fascinating shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and other pleasurable establishments, side-by-side with all kinds of shopping. Pattaya beach is close to Pattayaís abundant nightlife area. Dongtan beach is known as the gay beach. Pattaya offers almost all facilities for all kinds of people. The prevailing natural ambience is the core in providing beauty for most other beach resorts. Pattaya Police closed down a big online casino being played in central Pattaya City on 2 July, 2008, confiscated 10 computers, worth over Bt 300,000, and arrested some players. The shop owner escaped immediate arrest by running away. Pattaya takes approximately 3 hours to get there, but it is all worth it when you get there. The sea has jellyfish, so if you want to swim in the sea, then you would have to take a boat to an island called Ko Lan and you can snorkel there also. Pattaya has accommodation to suit every taste and pocket. Luxury lovers can take advantage of upscale hotels and resorts coupled with top-end facilities and comforts. Pattaya has no shortage of night life and you will find many bars and discos which stay open until the early hours. South Pattaya has a mixture of open air bars, Go Go bars, restaurants and shops. Pattaya was simply a small fishing village until the rich of Bangkok discovered it as a beach resort in the 1960s. The city grew quickly, mostly due to bars and other nightlife aimed at the GIs. Pattaya also has a cinema (three screens), a KFC, a Pizza Hut, and well, that’s about it. Pattaya is no different. Girls should not venture out with strangers, and should travel or party in groups with known people. Pattaya Elephant Village, features well performed demonstrations of elephantine skills such as logging, and re-enactment of their role in historic battles, plus the enduring favourite, the elephant football match. The Siriporn Orchid Farm has some splendid displays of orchids including catteleyas, daedrovium, pompadours and vandas. Pattaya , Pattaya hotels by price, alphabetically or by class. Below is a comparison of the price range and facilities of three Pattaya hotels that can help you choose your accommodations on vacation. Pattaya Beach While it may be saturated with visitors and a little polluted, Pattaya’s beachfront property continues to be its greatest draw. Visitors come to enjoy the beach in any number of ways, whether it’s a walk on the tree-lined promenade; a relaxed seafood dish eaten on an outdoor veranda or simply a laid-back afternoon spent on a deckchair. Pattaya is also a popular gay destination. Gay Pattaya is centred on Boyztown and is very welcoming. Pattaya has shown its resolve to stamp out the illegal trade of children. Pattaya attractions range from its legendary nightlife to its equally legendar beaches. There are also great Pattaya attractions of religious and spiritual importance. Pattaya is not there for the western female, young, old or in-between. As a place for trying to rebuild a relationship with my beloved it was a bad choice – not disastrous, but not moonlight and roses either. Pattaya is one of the most loved places by the tourists. So, if you too are planning to have great holidays try Thailand´s best beach resorts. Pattaya City is well located to be a major business centre serving these two great industrial communities. There are five international schools, and four international hospitals in the area. Pattaya Business Directory with over 5,000 companies listed with locations on Maps. Every company in the directory has been manually reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that they are a valid Pattaya business, and that the information they have provided is of the highest standard. Pattaya Mail became the first English language newspaper in Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand when the inaugural issue hit the streets on July 23, 1993. The aim of the newspaper was, and still is, to represent the area in a fair and unbiased way by telling the truth. Pattaya, and especially Jomtien, have been growing at a fast rate. Proof of Pattaya and Jomtien’s popularity is their forever-growing cosmopolitan flavor, with a large contingent of Expats from all over the world who have either settled and retired here, or invested in a holiday home. Pattaya, located at the east coast of Thailand Gulf, is one of the best vacation destinations today. This place is rich with many wonderful beaches, interesting sights, world-class facilities such as resorts and hotels and a lot more. Pattaya Beach is a favorite spot of many tourists, and it is also the most popular beach that Pattaya Thailand has to offer. Since it is located near shopping centers, bars, and hotels, it has become very popular among tourists.

Places like Krabi

November 5, 2008

Places like Krabi by Gipsy.


Krabi has something for everyone, whether you are an active athlete, or a lazy beach bum. Its breathtaking scenery provides adventure in the form of rock climbing and kayaking, as well as pure relaxation with the islands and beach excursions laidback life. Krabi’s topography is mostly mountains and highlands separated by plains in some parts. Lush mangrove forests line the canals and the banks of Maenam Krabi particularly before it empties into the Andaman Sea. Krabi is a province of Thailand located in the southern area and has fantastic beaches along the shore plus many wonderful islands. You just can’t imagine how beautiful they are. Krabi was absolutely gorgeous as well! Surrounded by huge rocks, the area is known for attracting rock climbers from around the world. Krabi airport was briefly closed this morning as protesters gathered there before moving on to a rally at city hall in Krabi Town. The airport at Hat Yai was closed this afternoon as PAD supporters congregated and in Surat Thani roads near the airport were blocked. Krabi is also home to my all time favorite hotel, The Tubkaak. It’s a smaller boutique hotel where the service is absolutely flawless and unbelievable. Krabi Province and the Andaman Sea have a number of excellent dive sites. You can find dive resorts at almost every coastal destination in the region and on the islands that tourists visit. Krabi represents several kayaking trip organisers operating various opportunities. Hiring a kayak by the hour from the beach area is the most basic available option. Krabi-Krabong is a combination of native Thai fighting methods, and Chinese, Japanese and Indian martial arts techniques. A weapons system that is hundreds of years old, its weapons are made of wood such as rattan. Krabi cycling is relatively safe as the main highway network of Krabi is cycle-friendly. This is because these roads are not that busy and just right for Krabi cycling; while most of the roads here are a hard shoulder. Krabi is known the world over for its excellent rock climbing. The abundance of unique rocks formations and limestone cliffs make for thrilling climbs and the best marked and bolted climbs can be found at Ton Sai Beach. Krabi Tours offers rates well below the lowest price you can bargain for at the airport. In fact people pay 600 baht (or more) if they order a taxi at the airport. Krabi is an astounding vacation spot in Southern Thailand, located about 815 kilometers from Bangkok, about 170 km east of Phuket, and 80 km southeast of Phang-na. Sprawling over an area of about 4708 square kilometers, Krabi has the Andaman Sea to the west, Surat Thani to the north, Nakhon Si Thammarat to the east, and the Trang Province to the south. Krabi Krabong is not graceful or pretty, the philosophy is to just power through opponent’s defenses. It’s a different philosophy than many Kali/FMA systems which is to find a way around opponent’s defenses. Krabi is also a nice place for rock climbing. But with many of the resorts up now, various routes are probably closed to the climbers. Krabi-Krabong is relevant to todays martial artist because of its practical application as a fighting art. Based on a series of universal principles for movement while fighting, Krabi-Krabongs deceptively simple basic motions can be learned quickly and adapted for combat use with virtually any weapon: staff, sword, knife, broomstick, hammer or baseball bat. Krabi was subsequently established as a secondary port under the name Pakasai County. In the year 1872, King Chulalongkorn (Rama 5) decreed that the county would attain city status and thereon be known as Krabi. Krabi, one of the southern most provinces of Thailand personifies serene beauty and is ideally situated on the inner Andaman Coast. Of the two, the Koh Lanta Yai Island is the biggest and the most popularly visited one. Krabi is the emerging market, arguably with the nicest environment, the best natural surroundings, a fantastic airport, very good infrastructure and it provides an idyllic destination for a quiet holiday home in Thailand. Values have only just started and the level of development is negligible. Krabi-Krabong teaches students how to dispatch multiple enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. In contrast, Muay Thai fighters strive only for the knockout.

Places like Koh Samui

November 5, 2008

Places like Koh Samui by Niki.


Koh Samui, 280 Km2, is the largest island of the Gulf of Siam, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Bangkok by plane. It is part of an archipelago of 80 smaller islands of which 6 only are inhabited. Koh Samui is one of the most popular islands in Thailand, it possesses the characteristic beauty and offers a wide variety of activities. Originally, Koh Samui was used to be the area of coconut plantations, but after being discovered by backpacked travelers, it is noted by them as a peaceful and magnificent paradise some time 20 years ago. Koh Samui (“Koh” means “island”) is only the most well known of a veritable archipelago of 80 islands in the south of the Gulf of Thailand (or Gulf of Siam, as it is still sometimes called). Among the other inhabitated island of the archipelago are Koh Phangan , which has approximately the same size as Samui and is located north of it (you can see it from Maenem Beach) and Koh Tao , also north of Samui island. Koh Samui is also surrounded by other islands such as the well known Koh Phangan. Koh Samui Provides standard accommodations, international Cuisines, fresh seafood and exotic fruits for tourists to taste. Koh Samui is simply the best place for them. Over the years it has attracted many foreigners, especially from Europe. Koh Samui offers a multitude of choices. Koh Samui doesn’t feel so magical anymore. Koh Samui is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. With its picturesque landscape, floral life, golden sandy beaches and calm blue seas Koh Samui is in many ways the ideal holiday destination. Koh Samui has a number of sister islands as well. With lots of excitements, water activities and scenic marine beauty, Koh Samui Island is the best place for making a perfect beach vacation. Koh Samui is divided into three areas for their restaurants and bars. Chaweng Beach, being the most popular one offers you huge selection of restaurants including Japanese, French, Italian and of course, Thai. Koh Samui Minigolf International is open every day from 9 am until 6:30 pm and is to be found in Plai Laem, in the northernmost part of Koh Samui. For further information, please telephone 0817879148. Koh Samui lies in the Gulf of Thailand, about a one-hour flight from Bangkok, or a 30-minute flight from the resort island of Phuket on Thailand’s west coast. There are also regular ferry services from Surat Thani, the closest mainland city. Hotels in Samui Island may also charge you for items that are apparently missing from the room which were never there when you first came. The best thing to do to avoid being charged for these items would be by taking a quick inventory of all the items found in the room on checking in, and leaving a copy at the front desk. Hotels have a contact for a Doctor which will come and see you at the hotel. The contact for the Doctor/Dentist is usually in the welcome brochure found in the hotel room.

Places like Koh Chang

November 5, 2008

Places like Koh Chang by Erik.


Koh Chang is the largest of the 52-island Marine National Park, all of which are untouched by modernization with their natural resources kept intact. Thus, qualifying the park as a dream escape, a true hideaway, far from the bustling city-life. Koh Chang Island guide offers you the best luxury, spa and boutique resorts on Koh Chang. Discover Koh Chang’s famous white beaches and stay in paradise. Koh Chang Sailing Tours are really just a pampered day out on a fantastic catamaran. Let go of your own world and gently speed along through our beautiful tropical blue ocean. Koh Chang will feature in a new, 10 part, cookery series called ‘World Kitchen’, produced by Zoomslide that will air in New Zealand in the coming months. The film crew travelled to Europe and then Hanoi, Bangkok, Koh Chang and Bali to film one 30 minute program in each location. Koh Chang Gajapuri is a place for travelers who seek nature, privacy and comfort with the standards of a five-star hotel. At Gajapuri Resort you will experience a quiet, peaceful time with a private beach stretching for miles in front of you. Koh Chang is one of the few remaining loactions in Thailand that has survived the mass development and tourism that others have suffered. This is surprising considering it is the Kingdom’s second largest island. Koh Chang´s rainforest is teeming with flora and fauna. There are local birds and animals not found anywhere else. Koh Chang (Elephant Island) is a disappointment though to me, as it was not as great as I expected it to be. I stayed in 2 resorts, since we were kicked out in the better one, Koh Chang Kacha Resort because our reservation was not communicated well. Koh Chang is a beautiful beach because this place had many tourism to go there every year. Beside , it’s the adventurous such as climb the mount , sit on the elephant tot tour the forest, fishing, sail on the boat, dive to see the coral all over the shallow and deep. Koh Chang does not have a road that goes completely around the island yet, but they are in the process of building one. Really, Koh Chang has only one main road without traffic lights or stop signs. Koh Chang has become an irresistable destination for tourist and is easily accessable from Bangkok by direct flight for no more than 45 minutes or 4 hours by car. Koh Chang seemed to be the only feasible alternative. It had been a while since I´d been there, but I just had to get out of Bangkok. Koh Chang Thailand is a Leisure Island least known to foreigners, the largest among the 52 islands of Trat, is also the nation´s second largest island, after Phuket. Its hinterland consists of over 70% virgin rainforest and is the best preserved but little known tourist destination in Thailand. Koh Chang offers all prerequisites alsofor diving beginner. Koh Chang is a wonderful region colourful corals, clear blue water, fascinating wildlife and marine life, high peaks, steep cliffs, scenic waterfalls, lush jungles and undisturbed rainforest. Travel to Koh Chang is worth as you can find any hotels at any of your budget. Koh Chang is a very beautiful island in the east part of Thailand very close to Cambodia. There are mainly four beaches on the west part of the island. Koh chang is a big place and there is really nothing between these key areas. During holidays the resorts get filled up quickly, so book well in advance and check our Thailand national holiday section for local ones. Koh Chang is about as far east as you can go along the coast and still be in Thailand. Koh Chang is the ideal location for the real rest as the weather there is very comfortable with the average temperature not too cold or too hot. Ko Chang is influenced by the northeastern and southwestern storms. Koh Chang´s rainforest is teeming with flora and fauna. There are local birds and animals not found anywhere else. Koh Chang is located on the south east part of Thailand (Trat province), close to the Cambodian border (75 km). The hotels and resorts of koh chang are located on the western coast of the island where the beaches are accessible. Koh Chang is one of Bangkok´s nearest islands where nature remains and serenity is found. It´s the largest island in Trat and the second largest island of Thailand after Phuket. Koh Chang has several wonderful waterfalls that allow swimming and diving from rocks. There are elephant trekking tours through the jungle and there are a dozen diving schools that will guide you to the best diving spots that Thailand has to offer. Koh Chang is one of the few remaining loactions in Thailand that has survived the mass development and tourism that others have suffered. This is surprising considering it is the Kingdom’s second largest island. Koh Chang will feature in a new, 10 part, cookery series called World Kitchen‘, produced by Zoomslide that will air in New Zealand in the coming months. The film crew travelled to Europe and then Hanoi, Bangkok, Koh Chang and Bali to film one 30 minute program in each location. Koh Chang is an ‘exclusive island’ just off the mainland in the region close to Pattaya and is reached by a short ferry ride from the mainland. The developer has selected one of the most beautiful locations in Koh Chang to establish this development. Koh Chang covers an area of 429 sq. It is also rich in natural resources, teeming with hills, forests, waterfalls and streams, the latter being an important source of freshwater.

Places like Khao Lak

November 5, 2008

Places like Khao Lak by Punki.


Khao Lak is easy to get to, and the resorts offer amazing value for money, specially in the low season. So why not give Fiji a rest this year and head a little further north? Khao Lak is not an island, and we say this because many people get confused by the terms Khao and the Koh. For your reference, Khao means hill and Koh means island. Khao Lak was badly damaged in the 2004 Asian Tsunami, but now the rebuilding and repairs are almost complete, and some say it is cleaner and better organised than before. Khao Lak Beach is the new alternative destination for visitors because the beach is very nice and clean. There are bungalows, hotel and resorts for every pocket, dive shops offering trips to the nearby Similan Island and Surin Island. Khao Lak effectively missed the entire 2005 season, its businesses simply couldn´t raise the capital or will to rebuild. We can report that about 80 per cent of them have rebuilt lovely new resorts in better planned circumstances, the transplanted coconut palms might still be filling out and there will no doubt still be some construction, otherwise itís finally business as usual. Khao Lak maps offers you the opportunity to discover a beautiful province of southern Thailand located a hundred kilometers north of the well known Phuket Island. Our pages contain all what you need to help you to organise your holiday: where to stay (hotels and resorts for any budget) and what to see (cultural and historical attractions, entertainement spots). Khao Lak is the ideal place to go scuba diving at the Similan Islands, a group of islands off the coast of Thailand that’s renown as one of the world’s best dive destinations. I just got back from a four day liveaboard to the Similans with Similan Diving Safaris, who are based in Khao Lak and run by my friend Joe Hue. Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort is located on an area of 20,800 sq.m. The villas are scattered around a colorful park and lagoon that overflow to the beachfront of the Andaman Sea. Khao Lak was once considered a remote getaway, an alternative to the bustle of neighbouring Phuket, and the population would like it to remain that way. Natural beauty was always the area´s great attraction and even with the new luxury resorts springing up, the tranquillity of the area remains. Khao Lak and Ban Nam Khem (and all in between) never got that kind of recognition. As Phuket was grooming their new lawns at the 5-star resorts, Khao Lak and Ban Nam Khem were still pulling bodies from the debris. Khao Lak beach is the most popular beach for many tourists because the beach is so clean and long with golden sand where most of the resorts are located. It is not over developed.

Places like Kanchanaburi

November 5, 2008

Places like Kanchanaburi by Knopferl.


Kanchanaburi is a place that has arranged something for all types of travelers. With various museums, historical park, death railway and war cemeteries, the place can easily attract history seekers. Kanchanaburi city was only two hours from Bangkok. It took me more than six hours to reach my final destination at the far end of Kanchanaburi Province. Kanchanaburi is most famous for the Bridge over the River Kwai and death railway, and many people visit the town for that reason alone. However, there is much more to Kanchanaburi than its bridge: the stunning surrounding countryside is great for exploring on a motorbike or a bicycle and the town itself has a very relaxed atmosphere. Kanchanaburi, where it stands on the banks of the Mae Khlong River, at a point where it separates into the Kwai Noi and the Kwai Yai. Where merely about 2 and a half hours from Bangkok. Kanchanaburi feels more like what I’m used to – what I’m comfortable with. Being a history buff, this suits my fancy. Kanchanaburi has many tourist attractions including the word-famous bridge over The river kwae and several well known waterfalls, caves, forests, rivers and dam. Therefore, tourist can have many kind of activity at Kanchanaburi such as mountain biking, rafting, fishing, play golf, junkle trekking and living in bamboo raft. Kanchanaburi is a very nice quite place for visitors. Almost all visitors stayed at cheap guesthouses or raft houses along the River Kwai. Kanchanaburi is a mere two hour drive West of Bangkok, and there are many good reasons to visit even if you have little interest in sombre memorials and cemeteries. There is the fat lazy river upon which disco barges ply their trade on weekend nights, and the soft adventure of trekking in national parks with fantastic waterfalls. Kanchanaburi province is filled with jungle clad hills and waterways. The town is the original site of the popular and historically famous Bridge over the River Kwai where allied prisoners of war and Thai labourers were killed by the Japanese. Kanchanaburi is actually quite a big place, however we didn´t find this out until we left, the the bit we were in was the touristy bit and quite quiet. Ali likened it to a Spanish seaside resort out of season. Kanchanaburi mines also yield gems of various colours such as yellow, purple, indigo-green and gray. Kanchanaburi is north of Bangkok, and pretty close to the Myanmar (Burma) border, where the cyclone hit the week before. The P1-P3 head teacher Paul made sure we knew that before we left. Kanchanaburi villagers have created a marketplace and living museum on a 260 metre section of road built 177 years ago in Tambon Ban Nuea, Muang district. The old wooden homes that line the road are fronted by tables offering local wares. Kanchanaburi is one of Thailand’s largest provinces. Nature has been generous to the province with mountains, waterfalls, rivers and countryside scenery. Kanchanaburi appears to be a lot bigger than we expected, Instead of the small village along the river, we see wide, large, paved roads. Luckily, the guesthouse does meet our expectations. Kanchanaburi was the place where thousands of allied troops were kept in internment camps during the Second World War. The allied POW´s were forced to work on a railway that connected Thailand to Burma part of which meant making a bridge over the River Kwai. Kanchanaburi is one of the most historical landmarks in Thailand. Although it is mostly known for its violent past and loss, this area is extremely beautiful. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery is only a short distance from the site of the former ‘Kanburi’, the prisoner of war base camp through which most of the prisoners passed on their way to other camps. It was created by the Army Graves Service who transferred to it all graves along the southern section of railway, from Bangkok to Nieke. Kanchanaburi, is looked upon as a tourists paradise. Filled with a wide range of exciting activities like river rafting, fishing, mountain climbing, bird watching, mountain trekking, mountain biking, exploring forests and sanctuaries, staying in bamboo rafts, canoeing, and golfing. Kanchanaburi, also a three-hour drive from Bangkok, is known around the world as the site of the historic Bridge Over the River Kwae. But it is now becoming known as an attractive destination for recreational golfers, with several world-class courses in picturesque settings. Kanchanaburi is one of the most visited places in Thailand and is easy to get to. Kanchanaburi can be reached by train. If you take the train get off at Sai Yok Noi station and get a local bus to the national park. Kanchanaburi city was only two hours from Bangkok. It took me more than six hours to reach my final destination at the far end of Kanchanaburi Province. Kanchanaburi is a mere two hour drive West of Bangkok, and there are many good reasons to visit even if you have little interest in sombre memorials and cemeteries. There is the fat lazy river upon which disco barges ply their trade on weekend nights, and the soft adventure of trekking in national parks with fantastic waterfalls. River Kwai bridge is one of the most Internationally famous in Kanchanaburi, thanks to several motion pictures and books. The bridge was the target of frequent Allied bombing raids during 1945, and was rebuilt after the war ended. River Kwai Country Club is a golf course with 18 holes developed at the river side of Kwai Noi River in the natural beauty of Kanchanaburi. It takes about 40 minutes by car to reach the golf course from Kanchanaburi town via Route 323. River Kwai Jungle Rafts is an ideal destination for everyone who seeks not only a magical place to getaway to but also a legend to be experienced. Your visit will be rewarded with a life-long memorable experience that once you have ever been overnight on the historic River Kwai.

Places like Hua Hin

November 5, 2008

Places like Hua Hin by A.V.


Hua Hin is the oldest and the most traditional resort chosen as the Royal resort of Thailand. The charming golden sandy beach, the pristine blue water and the soothing sea breeze entices tourists to choose Hua Hin as their travel destination. Hua Hin has always been popular with Thai tourists and has attracted many international travellers as well. I had the impression that quite a few of the western tourists I saw where there on some package deal which probably included Bangkok and Hua Hin. Hua Hin has a tropical climate with high humidity and occasional rain. It is typically pleasant. Hua Hin is the best place to relax since you can relax on one of the many deck chairs that are found along the long Hua Hin beach. Hua Hin is a top golfing destination in Thailand as there are quite a few golf courses in Hua Hin that are worth visiting. Hua Hin as a resort was discovered in the early 1920s by King Prajadhipok as an ideal getaway from the sultry metropolis of Bangkok. The tranquil fishing village was turned into a royal resort and consequently became popular among Siam’s nobility and upper class. Hua Hin is very different from Pattaya different in good ways not bad! The first thing I realized was that crossing any road did not require me to have to jump out of the way of copious numbers of motorcycles careening along on the wrong side of the road. Hua Hin is one of Thailands most popular seaside resorts among overseas visitors as well as Thais. Located on the sunrise (west) side of the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin lies some 200 km. Hua Hin is a beautiful seaside resort city in Thailand situated at a distance of about 200 km from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is a favored weekend gateway from Bangkok for locals and tourists alike. Hua Hin is the beach town that Andrew recommended to me, and it’s where the king and queen vacation. It did have kind of a Cape Cod feel to it, gravelly sand, families shellfishing for fun, great seafood. Hua Hin is ideal if you are visiting Bangkok and want to spend a few days at the beach without having to fly somewhere. Hua Hin has the beaches but also is close to national parks for those who enjoy nature and natural surroundings. Hua Hin has many accommodation options to choose from but a lot of them are difficult to find. Accommodation in Hua Hin ranges from budget guesthouse rooms at around 300 baht per night up to luxury boutique hotel and resort accomodation at over 5,000 baht. Hua Hin hotels stretch along the coast both north and south of Hua Hin. Hua Hin will not disappoint you with its variety. All water sports and land sports can be practiced around. Hua Hin is the perfect destination where you will find the real taste of nature. The location of Asara Villa and Suite Hotel in Hua Hin has proved to be quite encouraging as you can enjoy the rhythm of nature and feel the tranquility. Hua Hin and neighbouring Cha-am (25 kilometres north) now have seven courses – the region should be called The Golf of Siam. Hua Hin township (of around 60,000 people) goes about its business much as ever, leaving the denizens of its sleek new golf resort-cum-villa estates to imagine they are the occupants of yesterday’s princely compounds. Hua Hin beach is 5 km long. Hua Hin means “Head of Stone” which refers to the rocks at the north end of the beach. Hua Hin also hosts the summer palace of the Royal family of Thailand. This is the reason Hua Hin still has it’s unique charm and its beautiful beaches. Hua Hin´s history as an exclusive royal destination instills each private villa with a touch of luxury and elegance. Hua Hin is only 21 kilometres long and about 3 kilometres wide. Beyond these 3 kilometres there are mountains where construction is not allowed. Hua Hin Safari Adventure Park, is one of its kind in adventure traveling and nature treks. This gives a fun filled variety entertainmant for you and your family.

Places like Chiang Rai

November 5, 2008

Places like Chiang Rai by Muki.


Chiang Rai is a major draw for tourists keen to experience the region´s natural attractions and learn about its place in Thailand´s past. Another key reason for tourism to the area is the local hill tribes. Chiang Rai is a city that puts me at ease, not too crowded and not too quiet. The night bazaar has some great bargains and my guest house, Baan Bua is cozy enough to make me stay for the next 3 nights. Chiang Rai and the surrounding region offer a wide range of attractions to travellers. The city boasts numerous lively markets, selling a comprehensive selection of products ranging from fresh flowers to clothes, souvenirs and fruits. Chiang Rai karen long neck (departure from chiang mai) vacation package, online booking with special low price the legend chiang rai; the mantrini city hotel art gallery. Chiang Rai city is the capital of Thailand’s northernmost province of the same name, and is located approximately 182kms North of Chiang Mai. The city has a distinguished history that stretches back to the reign of King Mengrai, who established Chiang Rai as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom in 1262, before moving south to Chiang Mai three decades later. Chiang Rai is a pleasant town with some fine temples and makes an excellent base for sightseeing to the more remote trekking areas. It’s also a good base for day trips to the Golden Triangle where the borders of Myanmar (Burma) Laos and Thailand meet at the confluence of the Mekong River. Chiang Rai is an idyllic heaven with laid-back atmosphere for those who wish to ease away their stress and tension. For adventure lovers, there will never be a dull moment in the city of Chiang Rai as it offers a fabulous starting point for treks in rustic areas. Chiang Rai city is the capital of Chiang Rai Province, Thailand´s most northern province, about 785km (491mi) from Bangkok and at an average elevation of 580m (1,900ft) above sea level. Its area, mostly mountains, is 11,678sqkm (4,508sqmi) and divided into 12 districts and 1 sub-district. The ancient city of Chiang Rai was once the capital of the fabled Lanna kingdom. Thais are naturally suited to working in the service industry; that’s why this country is known as the Land of Smiles! We can build beautiful hotels with the latest technology, but it’s meaningless if the service culture isn’t there! Thai dancing is slow, and the dancers make full use of their hands, arms and feet. We saw an exhibition of Thai boxing – where they do pretty much the same! Thailand, visa application form for india, visa information form, india business visa, multiple entry tourist visa lamphun, mae hong son, parae, phitsanulok, phechabun, sukhothai. In the asia-pacific region ” a legal problem arises in the case of the sukhothai website and allows visitors to puters and accessories in their tourist information. Thais scramble to allay tourist fears after recent assaults death while visiting the ancient thai capital of sukhothai more information: contact form; advertising; etn traveltelegram; etn. Thailand is really a very nice place to go. Hope to tour around Thailand in the near future. Thailand certainly is the land of smiles, which can make you smile, too. Its really is enamoring and exotic country, known for its inviting people, culture, scenery, cuisine, and overall lifestyle.